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Automobile PCB

Thu September 21, 2023


The automobile PCB board has the characteristics of anti-vibration, anti-high temperature and anti-corrosion to adapt to the harsh environment of the automobile.
Standard Requirements for Manufacture of Automotive PCB
1, The choice of materials
PCB substrate and welding materials must be selected in line with industry standards of high-quality materials. For example, FR4 sheets or higher quality sheets that meet UL standards to ensure their high temperature resistance and flame retardant properties.
2, The system process requirements
The board process requires proficiency in high-precision pressing process, PCB board and substrate extremely micro cutting, composite welding, and strict production process control. Special attention should be paid to the use of high-end welding machinery and equipment and skilled workers.
3,Quality control
The use of high-precision testing tools to ensure that all boards can meet industry standards. Example: IATF16949
Inspection standards
3.Thermal shock test
Application field display