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Double-sided PCB

P/N: Q2P06438A0 Layer Count: 2L Min Line W/S: 8/8mil
Material: FR-4 Tg 130 Cu Thickness: 1oz Min PTH: 0.4mm
Board Thickness: 0. 5mm Surface: ENIG Application: Automotive
Soldermask Color: Green Board Size: 171.00mmX170.00mm(1-up)
Others: IPC-A-600 Class 3

Knowledge of double-sided PCBs

Double-sided PCB which both sides are covered with copper and traces and vias can be used to connect the circuits between the two layers to connect the required network. Double-sided PCB can deal with the difficulty of interlaced circuit in single-sided PCB,so it is more suitable to use on more complex circuits than single-sided PCB.

Advantages of double-sided PCBs

Advantages (compared to single-sided boards): convenient,simple wiring,shorter line lengths and so on.

Design operation steps of double-sided PCBs

  1. Prepare the circuit drawings
  2. Make a new pcb gerber and load it into the component package
  3. Programme the circuit
  4. Place net-list and components
  5. Automatic layout of components
  6. Layout adjustment
  7. Network density analysis
  8. Set wiring rule
  9. Automatic routing
  10. Manual adjustment of routing

Applications of double-sided PCBs

Double-sided PCB can be used widely in various fields and has range of applications:

∗ Hard drives                                                             ∗ Car dashboards                                                    ∗ Traffic systems
∗ Converters                                                              ∗ Vending machines                                               ∗ Amplifiers
∗ UPS power system                                                ∗ Power monitoring                                                ∗ Control relays
∗ Automotive dashboards                                       ∗ Power conversion                                                ∗ Test equipment

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