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Electronic components


Victory works well with the first-chass agents of TI, BB, HT, SST, MAXIM, , AD, MAXIM, ATMEL, AITERA, CYPRESS, XILINX, IDT and other international well-known brands of integrated circuits and their supporting products. we could help you to sourcing all electronic component from all over the world including passive component, IC, Peripheral component interconnect, and more.

We have rich and sufficient stock for clients from oversea. We can provide customers with the data sheet, solutions and components selection of the components.

Electronic Component


Active components
(Semi-conductors, MCU, IC…etc)


Passive component


Mechanical Electronics



Component Quality Control

Victory focuse on the cooperation with international big brands in the Asia-Pacific region, direct supply chain from brand manufacturers, supply our clients with the competitive price with good quality.

1. All products provided by Victory are brand new and genuine products from the original factory to ensure product quality.

2. All products provided by Victory conform to the technical standards and quality standards of the industry, as well as the relevant technical indicators of the original factory.

3. If the product has any quality problems, the company is unconditionally responsible for returning or replacing the product.


Electronic Component

Wide and stable supply channels. We purchase very large amount of components for our clients every year.