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PCBA Capabilities

Shenzhen Victory has 17 years experience in PCB industry and adhere to be a specialized manufacturer for multiply species, small to medium series and quick turn production.We offer the High-quality One-stop Service for PCB Assembly, PCB Copying and Components Purchasing.

Capabilities of Our PCB Assembly Service

Items Manufacturing Capabilities
Size 50*50mm~610*1100mm
Package Size 01005~No limit
Monthly Production Capacity Reach 150,000 to 300,000 sets/month
PCB Type Flex PCB,Rigid PCB,Flex-Rigid PCB,Metal Core PCB
BGA Package 0.2mm Pitch
Assembly Types Surface Mounted Technology(SMT),Dual In-line Package(DIP)
SMT Capacity 19 Million Points/day
DIP Capacity 50000 Points/day
Testing ICT (In-Circuit Test) test mainly includes circuit continuity, voltage and current values, fluctuation curves, amplitude, noise, etc. and does not involve function keys or input and output tests.Some like AOI test,X-ray test.
FCT (Functional Test) testing, you need to first burn the prepared microcontroller (MCU) program into the program IC through a burner (such as ST-Link, JTAG) to simulate the function of the entire PCBA board, such as after pressing a button , The LED light is on; press the two buttons at the same time to restore the factory settings and so on. So as to find out the problems in the hardware and software, and equip with necessary patch processing production jigs and test racks.