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Long PCB

P/N: Q4I07896B0 Layer Count: 4L Min Line W/S: 8/8mil
Material:FR-4Tg 170°C Cu Thickness: 1/1oz Min PTH: 0.45mm
Board Thickness: 1.6mm Surface: ENIG Application:Consumer Electronics
Soldermask Color: Green Board Size: 620mmX1200mm
Others: Impedance Control

Product Features

Victory PCB have rich experience for long PCB.
We do the Max long board size is:620X1200mm

Products application

  • Plane Lighting
  • Undersea Garden Lighting
  • Hotel Lighting

Industry information

Lighting long FR4 pcb is developing very fast during the past 10 years, so our orders are increased a lot as well. To manufacture long pcb, the tracks and solder mask are the most important process.

These long PCBs are much larger than standard-sized PCBs, its unit square meter price will be higher than normal types. They allow you to produce a single piece that includes all functional parts along with all necessary connectors, whereas a traditional design would require the combination of one or more rigid PCBs with wired connections.

Pls contact with us if you have any RFQs about long PCB.

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