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PCBA Turnkey Service from PCBA to box build

Tue December 20, 2022

PCBA Turnkey Service from PCBA to box build

We provide professional PCB board proofing, SMT placement, shell mold opening processing and finished product assembly, as well as high-quality material supply chain capabilities to create one-stop PCBA services from zero to semi-finished products for customers.

1.Fast and Accurate PCBA cost calculation

 Our company has a dedicated procurement team to divide the work and calculate each PCBA quotation. The timeliness is fast. We have cooperated with many branded component manufacturers and high-quality first-level agents to ensure that the components are original and authentic.

For a long time, the company has formed a good quality control and comprehensive procurement ability advantages in the supporting of electronic components. Cables, etc.) manufacturers and agents have long-term stable cooperation, and have a good supply cycle and supply cost advantages.

PCBA Turnkey Service from PCBA to box build

2.High quality customized one-stop service to our customers

According to the customer’s BOM and related technical documents, the company can provide a full range of services from sample confirmation to batch supply for the whole package of PCBA (PCBA labor and material). We believe that this whole package method makes full use of our advantages. While meeting the customer’s production schedule, it also simplifies the customer’s logistics arrangement and reduces the customer’s inventory level, thereby effectively reducing the customer’s cost.

PCBA one-stop service effectively saves customers’ time and cost, and hands over the entire manufacturing process to professional and experienced PCBA processing plants, avoiding price negotiation and procurement time, inventory costs, picking time, personnel expenses, etc. in the procurement of electronic components.